The first phase of renovating the store has begun. The building is being "gutted" down to the original beams and framework so it can be reinforced and updated to meet todays building code requirements.  I've uploaded some photos of the work in progress.

Inside the store, view from the back.

Second Floor
Second floor hallway.
Store as viewed from the back.

Hello Neighbors! We just received a concept rendering from EHD and wanted to share it with everyone on the front page so you can see where we are now and what the store will look like when we are finished.  This is what we have been working on over the past year. It's been really hard for us to conceptualize the final outcome when all you have to look at are flat drawings,  as I'm sure it has for everyone hearing us say "we're working on it". Roy surprised us this weekend with the concept photo and all we could say was "WOW". We just had to share it with everyone as a thank you for your patience.  We expect construction to start around the beginning of June.  As you may have noticed,  the website has also been updated to give it a more polished look and feel. This past weekend we also completed the acquisition of the Hurricane Auto property adjacent to the store. This property was originally part of the corner lot under the Nuen ownership and will once again be part of the Falls Store. A special Thank you to everyone involved in that effort.
Since my last post.... Although you wouldn't know it by looking at the building and the state that it's in, a lot has been happening.  Over the past several months we have been finalizing the details of the kitchen design and building engineering requirements. As mentioned in my previous blogs the building needs to be completely retrofitted in order for it to be a safe and functional environment. We have begun the process of filing for state permits to begin construction and hopefully the construction will begin in the Spring. We just want to thank everyone for your patience during this process.
We have enlisted the services of EHDanson Associates Architects on the Falls General Store project to work with Dave Ritzer and Associates. EHDanson is currently working with Norwich University on their projects (click the logo). Roy Ward, principle at EHDanson is enthusiastic about this project and looks forward to working with us and Dave Ritzer on the revitalization. Next week there will be engineers reviewing the building with Roy and Dave in preparation for the next phase of repairing the structure.

Larry Bogdanow our store design architect passed away in June of this year. His attention to detail and genuine concern and care for this project will be missed. We will make you proud Larry, thank you for your insights.

There has been a lot of curiosity about what's happening with the Falls General Store. To answer that question we've set up this blog to keep the community updated on the activity and the status as it transpires.  Since purchasing the building in September 2010, we have been actively taking the appropriate steps to re-establish the store at that location. The store closed it's doors officially in April 2010. When we purchased the building in September, a full review of the structure was done and it was apparent that the building was in dire need of repair, maintenance and a lot of TLC. The structure is 119 years old. Time has taken it's toll on the building and the materials it was constructed with. In addition it falls well short of the current day safety and energy requirements to meet federal, state and local codes. All of the electrical, plumbing and heating need to be replaced. The structure needs to be repaired and reinforced from top to bottom to allow for safe occupancy. To date a new septic/waste system has been installed to handle the appropriate requirements for a building that size. The previous system was non functional and problematic especially during the winter when it would freeze up. The foundation of the building has been completely buttressed and the floor leveled on the main floor. Many may remember how the floor sloped in the store. This was due to the collapse of the structure beneath the floor. The old timber joists and columns fractured and gave away in many areas causing the sag which would eventually collapse under the weight of the building on top. The structural poles, visible throughout the store were basically facade since there was no structure beneath them. We have installed 52 cement filled lally columns with new concrete bases and laminated joists to shore up the foundation and straighten the main floor.