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  when Our original plan was to be open this year. Unfortunately plans don't always play out as "planned". Timelines and budgets are moving targets, especially when you are dealing with a 120 year old building that loves to throw you a "curve" when you least expect it. Life also has a way of throwing you a few curves as well.... This project is the undertaking of two passionate people who have invested a lot of time, effort and money to revitalize the general store in Northfield Falls. We are doing the best we can to make it happen as soon as possible in the best way possible. We hope that by looking at the change and progress at the corner of Rt12 and Cox Brook road, that our efforts and the efforts of the wonderful team of people who transformed the building, demonstrate our commitment to everyone. I cannot give an exact "date" but it will be sometime Spring/Summer 2014. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this endeavor....  
inside5inside2inside3inside4seatingespresso Some new pictures of the inside with the new flooring installed from Vermont Plank. Center island cooler for grab and go products.  New refrigeration coolers waiting to be connected to the compressors. Seating area by the front windows. Location of espresso machine and pastry cases. Blue tape lines mark the location of future counters. cookline1cookline2bakery1bakery2washroom1washroom2 Updated pictures of the cook line with most of the equipment installed. Fire inspectors certified the hood suppression systems in August. Updated pictures of the Bakery area coming together. Last two pictures of the wash room and the HiTemp dishwasher for sanitizing.