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We are working to get the store open by June of this year. There are a couple of open items left to be done in the store which should be completed over the next several weeks. The extension on the garage next door will be taken down to expand the parking area next to the store opposite Cox Brook Road. I’ve attached some new pictures taken recently. Our Facebook page is also up ( check it out! We are waiting on additional store shelving and a checkout counter at the front. Once that is complete, we can take product delivery and prepare to open.


Espresso Bar, Coffee Bar, Creemie Window with new Taylor waiting for summer! Smoothie counter, Soup wells for hot cereals in the AM and soups the rest of the day. Pastry and Bakery cases.


Deli cases, Finished restroom, Inside facing front of store, Cook line, Bakery area and finished wash room with HiTemp washer.

See you soon!

Vince and Norma


The Falls General Store will have a feature article in the Fall 2013 issue of the Dog River Town Crier available this month. We met with the Historical Society in late August and gave them a tour of the building and the progress so far. The article will cover the General store’s history past and present. Thank you Kay and Karen for featuring us in this up coming edition.


We just attended the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore last week to meet with vendors and to start generating relationships. There were approximately 1200 vendors and 22,000 attendees this year.






Our original plan was to be open this year. Unfortunately plans don’t always play out as “planned”. Timelines and budgets are moving targets, especially when you are dealing with a 120 year old building that loves to throw you a “curve” when you least expect it. Life also has a way of throwing you a few curves as well….

This project is the undertaking of two passionate people who have invested a lot of time, effort and money to revitalize the general store in Northfield Falls. We are doing the best we can to make it happen as soon as possible in the best way possible. We hope that by looking at the change and progress at the corner of Rt12 and Cox Brook road, that our efforts and the efforts of the wonderful team of people who transformed the building, demonstrate our commitment to everyone.

I cannot give an exact “date” but it will be sometime Spring/Summer 2014.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this endeavor….



Some new pictures of the inside with the new flooring installed from Vermont Plank. Center island cooler for grab and go products.  New refrigeration coolers waiting to be connected to the compressors. Seating area by the front windows. Location of espresso machine and pastry cases. Blue tape lines mark the location of future counters.


Updated pictures of the cook line with most of the equipment installed. Fire inspectors certified the hood suppression systems in August. Updated pictures of the Bakery area coming together. Last two pictures of the wash room and the HiTemp dishwasher for sanitizing.


440A0308 440A0310 440A0312 440A0313

Some pictures of the new kitchen coming together. First picture is the main cooking line, walk in cooler/freezer, another angle of the line and the last picture is the bakery/work area. Floors are all tiled and the walls are finished. All the lighting is LED.  Waiting on additional kitchen equipment.  The hoods were fabricated by Nevtec in VT. We tried to source as much of the work and materials as possible out of VT to keep the business local.

440A0316 440A0319 440A0311 440A0321

First picture is a view from the front when you walk in. You can see the new ceilings and post and beams. The new duct work is part of the new heating system installed by Gillespie Fuels. They did a great job. Second picture is a view of the front from the inside. Third picture is a view of the line window. Last one of the “School house” lights installed.

440A0328 440A0327 440A0343440A0323

The new heating system(s) that feed that duct work upstairs. Brand new 400 amp electric service panel. Panels feeding the service installed by Northfield Electric. Last picture is the water filtration system.

440A0350 440A0315440A0348 440A0346

Picture of the new cooler/freezer from the outside. The inside walk in cooler. Both systems will utilize outside air to run more efficiently during the winter months. Some shots from upstairs that has been roughed out for a coming Yoga studio. Notice the insulation packed into the walls and ceiling. The building had no insulation for 120 years. We have made every effort to make the building as energy efficient as possible within the limitations of the old structure. For all intent and purpose the building has been completely refurbished and is as good as new.

We are still waiting for the flooring to arrive from Vermont Plank and additional equipment to arrive. The signs were mounted this past week on the front and side.



Until next time….. -Vince



Images of the outside of the store. The second photo looks pretty close to the rendered concept. The back of the store is still bare because a walk in cooler is going to be placed on the slab of concrete. The roof on the back (kitchen) is also not completed because the hood duct work needs to be installed. The work is scheduled for February and contracted to Nevtec out of Newport VT. We are trying to keep all of the work contract work local to VT.


New steel beams waiting to be installed to support the upper structure before the framing can begin. After installation the rooms upstairs are framed out. You can see the beams below the ceiling. Quite a trick to get those heavy pieces of steel in place considering they are the width of the building.


(1) The kitchen concrete slab before being carved up for plumbing. (2) Some of the duct that was fabricated by Nevtec and dropped off for the installation in February. (3) & (4) The plumbing for the drains being installed throughout the kitchen area.


(1) During the digging of the front area of the store to lay the foundation columns for the front porch, the front foundation built from stonework by hand collapsed into the store. You can see the gaping hole which was about 12 ft across. A new foundation was poured to lay a new “reinforced” wall in place of the existing wall.  Some of the issues that you have to contend with when dealing with older buildings. (2) The new wall installed and the entire basement insulated with a 3 inch thick hard foam (white) insulation that will make the building more energy efficient. (3) A view from the corner of the front porch looking down RT12. (4) Inside the store where the beverage cooler will be (gravel area) that was the space between the old and addition added to the building. See photos from previous photo post.


Photos from inside the store showing the new posts and beams. They are wrapped up with foam to protect the first layer of finishing on them. The timber came from the Northwest and took a month to ship across country.  The crew working on the store. (L-R)  Pete Merchant, Cris Buckels, Mike Doney, Matt Ritzer, Andy Ritzer, Bruce Smith. Great job guys!


Falls Store 1900

A rare picture circa 1900 of the Falls General Store/Post Office sent to us recently by Kay Schlueter of the Northfield Historal Society. It is a wonderfully clear image given the time it was taken.


A picture I took on Jan 14 of the front of the store with the siding on the building almost finished. The top portion above the porch is being left bare to accommodate the front sign structure. Once it’s installed the siding can be finished. I think Mr. and Mrs. Cross would be proud!

Thank you Kay for the wonderful picture of the store!


Top row starting left: Facing the front of the store, facing the rear of the store, standing in what use to be the cooler facing the rear (kitchen area).

Second row left: Standing at the rear facing front of store, the space between what was the original store and the addition added later on, notice the siding between the walls, the new front of the store being built.

Third row left: Next two pictures are of the second floor completely gutted making room for a future “Yoga Studio”, the old timber roof rafters that need to be reinforced.

Bottom row: The rotted flooring on the first floor in the store that was under the slatted floor. You can see the new plywood underlay being installed. That “hole” is the basement.


A special Thank you to everyone who showed up at the Zoning and Site planning meetings this week in support of this project.

We really appreciate it!